The Awkward ‘Privacy Talk’ Parents Should Have With Their Kids

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Parents across the world today need to have a new conversation with their kids. No, it’s not about behaving in class, not talking to strangers, or having sex. But in so many ways, it’s just as important. It’s data permanence. How we can preserve our reputations in the digital era?


It’s a conversation that will look very different in different parts of the world. In some places, kids will have to think twice before posting photos of teenage escapades, given how such photos may look to others in a professional environment even many years later. In other places, kids will have to be careful of posting any items that may “dishonor” them or their family in some way.

In still other places, kids will have to think about whether what they post on sensitive political, ethnic, or religious issues may define them long after they have changed their views.

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