A Student-Led, Flipped, Inquiry-Based Learning Classroom Doing Authentic Work

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A Student-Led, Flipped, Inquiry-Based Learning Classroom Doing Authentic Work


A recent popular magazine asked what education will be like for the class of 2025.  While the accompanying article mostly rehashed the ongoing debate between content and process, I saw the cover and had a one-word answer: research.


Knowledge is more accessible than ever before, and current technology allows people to tap into information anywhere, anytime.  The internet updates that knowledge every moment as we speak.


If teachers aren’t repositories of current knowledge as they might have been in the past, and textbooks contain old news the moment they go to press, classrooms will transform into labs where teachers define an overarching curriculum and guide students through a simple and natural human process to fill it in:


– Observe

– Wonder

– Investigate

– Conclude

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