10 Ways to Integrate Mobile Phones in Class

Phones, tablets, iPads and e-readers… What do these mobile devices have in common? It’s probably a pretty safe bet to say that most students own at least one of them in this day and age. So, instead of continually confiscating these items or telling students to put them away, why not take advantage of the handheld gadget craze and leverage these tools for learning?


Allowing students to utilize their own devices provides them with access to a variety of digital activities, essentially creating a 1:1 environment with a tool they already know how to use.


Furthermore, with many schools experiencing limited budgets, the BYOD concept is one that should be seriously considered. Without devices to complement learning, students are missing out on a modernized education as well as the development of important life skills. Yeah, that means actually having the know how to use technology beyond gaming and social media!

Source: edutech4teachers.edublogs.org


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