Lessons to learn: Igniting a passion for learning!


I don’t regularly watch Toastmaster speeches.  In fact there has only been one occasion in my life that I’ve attended a Toastmaster meeting – and that was many years ago when as a member of a choir we were offered the chance to perform as the evening entertainment of a local Toastmaster’s Christmas dinner celebration!  But when I saw this video of the 1st place winner of the 2014 World Championship of Public Speaking Competition – Dananjaya Hettiarachichi – I was blown away!

Apart from a brilliant oration, his words are a gift to educators!   As he recounted the path of his life and told about the opportunity he had to get a job with a friend of his Dad’s, he remarks:

Everyday after work he used to tell me stories ….. about the world, about history about culture about philosophy and it was much more interesting than what I…

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