(Benefits) What is Compassion?

Compassion is the most transforming energy in the universe with everything we all long for – kindness, caring, loving.  It is a courageous state of mind and heart, with far-reaching consequences in terms of how we experience ourselves and reality…


Does research supports the value of practicing Compassion?

Yes. Scientific research shows that being compassionate can improve health, well-being, relationships and sense of purpose.


Compassion can be cultivated by meditation practice and offers many benefits:

Strengthens brain circuits for pleasure and reward and leads to lasting increases in self-reported happinessReduces risk of heart disease by boosting the positive effects of the vagus nerveMakes people more resilient to stress; lowers stress hormones in the blood and salivaBoosts the immune responseIncreases Positive emotion, decreases ruminationDecreases negative emotions such as: hatred, jealousy, angerEnhances communication and connection with others so better relationshipsMore compassionate people / parents / workers / societies have better social skills, take care of their most vulnerable members, assist other nations in need, and perform more acts of kindness.

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